Securing Remote Operations and the Role of Industrial Browsers in Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks amidst Rising Remote Work Trends

02 Mar 2024

The global shift towards remote work and digital operations across various industries has been significantly accelerated by the pandemic. This transition, while beneficial in many aspects, has also opened the floodgates to an array of cybersecurity threats. The reliance on digital technologies for managing industrial operations remotely has made cybersecurity a paramount concern for businesses worldwide. Cybersecurity Challenges Recent trends and news have highlighted an alarming increase in cybersecurity threats targeting the industrial sector. These...

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Apply Client-Side Custom CSS with an Industrial Browser

25 Feb 2024

Navigating the digital landscape, especially when dealing with legacy web applications, can sometimes feel like trying to read fine print without your glasses. This is where Airlock Browser shines in the realm of industrial browsers, with its standout feature allowing users to inject custom CSS styles for a clearer, more accessible web experience. This innovative capability is a game-changer for making web content not only more accessible but also more user-friendly, particularly for applications that...

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Web-Based Control Panels and Dashboards for Robotic Systems with an Industrial Browser

09 Feb 2024

The landscape of industrial robotics and automation has undergone a transformative evolution over the past few decades. From the initial mechanization of simple tasks to the integration of complex robotic systems capable of autonomous operation, the field has continuously pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing, logistics, and beyond. A critical component of these advanced systems is the method by which they are controlled and monitored. Traditionally, this has been achieved through physical control...

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Enhancing SAP Integration with an Industrial Browser

04 Feb 2024

In the realm of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, SAP stands out as a powerhouse, offering robust solutions for managing business operations and customer relations. However, the true potential of SAP applications is unlocked when they are seamlessly integrated within an organization’s technological ecosystem. This is where industrial browsers like Airlock Browser come into play, bridging the gap between SAP applications and other systems and devices, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and data fluidity across the...

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Enhancing Supply Chain Integrity with Blockchain Technology

01 Feb 2024

In an era where global supply chains are the backbone of numerous industries, ensuring their integrity, efficiency, and transparency is paramount. Traditional systems, however, often fall short, plagued by inefficiencies, opacity, and susceptibility to tampering and fraud. Enter blockchain technology - a revolutionary approach known for underpinning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but with potential that extends far into the realms of supply chain management. This article explores how blockchain technology can transform supply chains by enhancing...

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Integration of AI and Machine Learning in Supply Chain Software

28 Jan 2024

Introduction In today’s fast-paced global market, the efficiency of supply chain operations is not just a competitive advantage; it’s a necessity for survival. As businesses strive to meet ever-evolving customer demands and navigate complex global networks, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into supply chain software emerges as a transformative solution. These technologies offer unprecedented capabilities in analyzing vast datasets, predicting trends, and automating decision-making processes, thereby enhancing the agility and...

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Leveraging Mobile Device Management

23 Jan 2024

Mobile devices are an integral part of the workplace. Managing these endpoints efficiently has become crucial for organizations. Endpoint management involves overseeing and securing the various devices that access corporate networks and data. With the increasing complexity and volume of mobile devices, effective management solutions are more important than ever. Airlock Browser offers a unique solution for organizations looking to secure and configure the browsing experience on mobile devices. Whether it’s a small team or...

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Streamlining Warehouse Operations with an Industrial Browsers

22 Jan 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial logistics and warehouse management, the integration of digital technologies has marked a revolutionary shift in how operations are conducted. At the forefront of this digital transformation is the implementation of specialized software tools designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Among these tools, industrial browsers have emerged as pivotal assets, seamlessly blending the robustness required for industrial environments with the flexibility of modern web technologies. Industrial browsers, distinct from their...

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Airlock Browser for Android Now Supported on Panasonic Devices

08 Dec 2017

Today we’re pleased to announce that Airlock Browser for Android is now supported on Panasonic devices. What this means is that you can now harness the power of Airlock Browsers client-side scripting to respond to various device events; in particular barcode reader events. To enable the barcode reader to work with Airlock Browser on Android Panasonic devices, launch the UserButtonManager app and assign the left and right buttons to the scanner. Once this has been...

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Introducing Airlock Browser, a new web browser for industry

06 Oct 2017

Today, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of Airlock Browser for Android. Airlock Browser is a modern, feature rich, highly configurable web browser that allows mobile workers to be more productive. It has been specifically designed for ruggedized devices and is based on the popular Surfy Browser for Windows 10 and Android. Airlock Browser includes all the features you’d expect in an industrial browser, such as hardware barcode reader support, client side JavaScript and...

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Surfy Browser 2.0 for Android Brings In Total Customizability of Menus and Toolbars

19 Sep 2017

Today, I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Surfy Browser 2.0 for Android. This new version has been in development for months, and includes a bunch of new features; most notably complete customizability of all menus and toolbars in the main interface. Don’t like the back button in the toolbar? Remove it. Want a print button in the main menu? Add it. Change the position of items by long pressing and dragging them to...

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