Airlock Browser for Android Now Supported on Panasonic Devices

Daniel Vaughan | 08 Dec 2017

Airlock Browser on FZ-N1 Today we’re pleased to announce that Airlock Browser for Android is now supported on Panasonic devices. What this means is that you can now harness the power of Airlock Browsers client-side scripting to respond to various device events; in particular barcode reader events.

To enable the barcode reader to work with Airlock Browser on Android Panasonic devices, launch the UserButtonManager app and assign the left and right buttons to the scanner.

Once this has been completed and you have exited the Barcode Reader app, you can launch Airlock Browser on your Panasonic device and begin scanning.

Thanks go out to our friends over at Panasonic, in particular Steven Sikorski and Sylvaine Smith, who supported us during development.