Surfy Browser 2.0 for Android Brings In Total Customizability of Menus and Toolbars

Daniel Vaughan | 19 Sep 2017

Today, I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Surfy Browser 2.0 for Android. This new version has been in development for months, and includes a bunch of new features; most notably complete customizability of all menus and toolbars in the main interface.

Surfy Browser

Don’t like the back button in the toolbar? Remove it. Want a print button in the main menu? Add it. Change the position of items by long pressing and dragging them to a new position. Mix and match as you see fit. After all, Surfy is your browser.

You can customize Surfy Browser’s menus and toolbar via the ‘Customize Menus’ button in the Appearance Tab of the Settings screen.

There are various new options on the settings screen, and we’ve made a bunch of performance and stability improvements too.

Special thanks go out to our volunteer translators, who devote much time and energy bringing Surfy Browser to their own countries. Surfy Browser’s translators are: Janne Miettunen, Paulo Caldeira, Nicolás Budzko, Julien Kolovratek, Abu Hassan, Ivan Konohov, Mateusz Zalewski, Yute Lin, Simon Yansimoo, Mahdi Borjian, Bejenariu Valentin, Nidhun Balaji, Paramesh HV, Katka Vaughan, Pham Tran Quoc Linh, Yuriy Kit, Satyam Sehgal(Zëuß), Ishtiak Khan, Özgür Akbaba, Konrad Braun

We hope you enjoy using this new version of Surfy Browser.

Happy browsing!