Outcoder partners with CipherLab, bringing Airlock Browser pre-installed on mobile computers

ZURICH SWITZERLAND — January 14, 2019 — Outcoder, the company that focusses on industrial and consumer web browsers, today announced a partnership with CipherLab, a world leader in AIDC solutions. The partnership will see Airlock Browser pre-installed on CipherLab’s range of mobile computers.

CipherLab and Outcoder have completed a rigorous testing and validation period, to guarantee the reliability of Airlock Browser when running on CipherLab hardware.

“Airlock Browser increases worker productivity by tailoring the web experience to an organisation’s needs,” said Daniel Vaughan, Co-Founder and president of Outcoder. “Organisations are able to maximize the usability and security of their existing web applications, such as SAP, as well as offering the opportunity to build out new web applications using modern web technologies that fully harness the capabilities of the mobile device. We’re excited to bring greater productivity to mobile workers on CipherLab’s excellent range of mobile computers.”

“Airlock Browser is an innovative industrial web browser that allows mobile workers to get more done; bringing best-in-class device to web integration.” said Granger Hsu, VP of Product Development at CipherLab. “We’re excited to bring Airlock Browser to our customers to further unlock the potential of our range of Android mobile computers.”

In addition, out of this effort, Airlock Browser has acquired new features, including a greatly expanded client-side JavaScript API, allowing trusted web applications to control all aspects of the browsing experience, device scanning capabilities, and operating system functions. Airlock Browser configuration settings, including those for bar code scanner configuration, can also be exported and applied to other devices via an MDM system, or even hosted in the cloud.

Airlock Browser is available now from the Outcoder website. For more information, visit http://outcoder.com/Products/AirlockBrowser/