Surfy Browser
Daringly Different A private web browser that is truly yours.


Passcode lock

Protect your browsing with locking Surfy with a passcode. Passcode lock individual bookmarks or save a session to a lockable tile


Change colors or set your favorite photo as a background.


Listen to a page while you browse other pages.

Swipeable tabs

Surf the web like on the desktop.

Speed mode

Save on data costs, reducing data to as little as 20%.

Download Manager

Download files and videos.


Browse in private with private mode.

HTML5 Games

Play HTML5 games offline.


Surfy browser's journey began as an alternative to IE on Windows Phone. We found that most other third-party browsers on Windows Phone didn't have real swipeable tabs, and added too much complexity to the browsing experience. You want all the features, but you want them to be easy to use and discoverable. We knew we could do better and so we created Surfy.

When we released the first beta version of Surfy Browser for Windows Phone, we soon realized that we were on to something. With over 3 million downloads, Surfy soon became one of the most popular alternative browsers on Windows Phone.

With many of our users moving to Android we decided it was time to port Surfy. While staying true to Surfy's core design, we added new features and Android-centric enhancements to the user interface. We paid particular attention to privacy and customization features, turning Surfy into a browser that is truly yours.

Surfy Browser is developed by a mum and dad development team, Daniel and Katka Vaughan. We are guided by an ethical approach to our users; most importantly, we value our users' privacy.

Daniel and Katka reside in Switzerland where they run Outcoder, a consulting company dedicated to creating unique and engaging digital user experiences.

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