Simple, Fluid Tabs All your browsing essentials covered.

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Real tabs

Surf the web like on the desktop.

Speed mode

Save on data costs, reducing data to as little as 20%.

Download Manager

Download files and videos.


Listen to a page while you browse other pages.


Browse in private with private mode.

Voice commands

Launch web pages using your voice.

Full screen

View pages in full screen.

HTML5 Games

Play HTML5 games offline.


There are many alternative browsers to IE on the Windows Phone, but there are none that offer a tabbed browsing experience like Surfy.

We found that most alternative browsers add way too much complexity to the browsing experience. You want all the features, but you want them to be easy to use and find. We knew we could do this better, and so we created Surfy.

When we first released the first beta version of Surfy, we soon realized that we were on to something with the tabs. Everyone just loved them! The tabs, simplicity and straight forward UI is what we aim for with Surfy. This combined with out-of-this-world voice and download features are what set Surfy apart from other browsers.

Surfy is developed by Daniel and Katka Vaughan.

Daniel is a Microsoft MVP and leading Microsoft mobile development expert who is the author of a number of books on Windows Phone Development for Sams' Unleashed series

Katka is a software developer with expertise in Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF. She is the author of numerous highly rated articles on XAML development on sites like

Daniel and Katka reside in Switzerland where they run Outcoder, a Swiss company which has been providing development and consulting services with a specialization on the Microsoft stack of technologies.

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