CipherLab API Differences

Legacy CipherLab API Airlock Browser API
enableKeyboardEmulation This property is applied to a web application using airlock.scanning.setPopulationMethod(populationMethod)
autoEnterWay airlock.scanning.getScanInsertMode and airlock.scanning.setScanInsertMode
autoEnterChar See airlock.scanning.getPreScanKeys, airlock.scanning.setPreScanKeys, airlock.scanning.getPostScanKeys, airlock.scanning.setPostScanKeys. Note that you can also add a prefix and postfix using airlock.scanning.setScannedTextPrefix and ``airlock.scanning.setScannedTextPostfix`
szCharsetName of type string szCharsetName is of type int. Valid values are 0 (utf8), 1 (windows1250), 2 (windows1251), 3 (windows1252), 4 (windows1253), 5 (windows1254), 6 (windows1255), 7 (windows1256), 8 (windows1257), 9 (windows1258), 10 (big5), 11 (shift_JIS), 12 (gbk)
vibrationCounter CipherLabDeviceConfiguration.barcodeSuccessVibrateMS