Monitoring Network Availability

On this page, when a network availability change is detected on your device, such as losing a wi-fi connection, a JavaScript handler is invoked.

Try disabling your wi-fi connection by switching to flight mode on your device.

Event information will appear here

Understanding Network Availability Handling

The page contains a meta tag within its head tag, as shown:

<meta http-equiv="SignalNavigate" 
		content="Javascript:onSignalNavigate('%s', '%s', '%s');"/>

The page contains a div with an id of messageDiv:

<div id="messageDiv"></div>

The JavaScript handler (onScannerNavigate) receives the barcode information and displays it like so:

function onSignalNavigate(signalStrength, essID, macaddress)
	var messageDiv = document.getElementById("messageDiv");
	messageDiv.innerText =
		signalStrength + " <br /> "
		+ essID + " <br /> "
		+ macaddress + " <br /> ";